Company Profile and Founding Values

Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network Joint Stock Company is one of the leading players in domestic energy market providing individuals and businesses with highly efficient solutions across the capital city districts and more over about 16 soums of Tuv aimag called administrative remote area center of the country. Customers we service: nearly half of Mongolia’s population i.e 260 000 targeted customers as businesses and general public. Our identity is based on our values, which reflect what the Company stands for today and what it wants to be in the future as being able to deliver reliable power to every single corner at the heart of the country as contributing the development of the nation: The history that we have written

  • The experience that we have gained
  • The reputation that we have maintained
  • Achievements that we have gathered
  • Thousands of experienced employees that we have generated

The company pays great attention to such issues as energy conservation, energy efficiency, international cooperation, environmental protection and occupational safety.

Special licenses
  • Electricity distribution
  • Regulated supply of energy
  • Construction, repair, test and commissioning of power distribution networks and substations (0.4 – 35 kV)
  • Electricity networks design (up to 35 kV)
  • Installation, repair and sales of electromechanic, electronic and impulse 1- or 3-phase-power meters and current transformers permitted in Mongolia.
  • Training and qualification of engineers and electricians working in field of operation, repair and maintenance of power lines and substations of 35/10/6/0.4 kV.
State Owned Joint-Stock Company

By planning, rehabilitating and refurbishing the grid for several years now the Company has strongly consisting its activities with Ulaanbaatar City Master Plan in this respect decisions always taking with consulting with federal and municipal authorities. As being the Electricity Distributer Licensee holder we sale the electricity at the tariff set by the Energy Regulatory Commission, as ensured equity of the consumer and licensee interests by the Law on Energy. The Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy designed in conjunction with National standard “MNS OHSAS 1800:2012” and soon by 2016 introduce such policy as setting-out the minimum requirements for all company entities