Our History

Our History
40km of 2 kV power transmission line and 33 pole-mounted substations with total installed capacity 1.08mBA for electricity supply to Ulaanbaatar city have been built and established “Dundgolyn Chiidengiin Khoroo” (Dundgol Electical Light committee) by Decree of Government, which is became base of current electricity distribution network.
Socialist era in Mongolia was a period, when power system construction projects using equipment, design and guidance of experts and engineers from the former Soviet Union were carried out intensively, and the centralized electric power network was established
Mongolia’s transition to a market economy were followed by a series of legislative and economic reforms in the power sector. As a result, Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network Authority was re-established as Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network Company in accordance with the Decree no. 164 of Government in 2001.
Governance and Organization
Company’s governing bodies are the Shareholders meeting and Board of directors and the Executive Director appointed by the Board of Directors and the term of office is defined by Shareholders meeting. At the date of present document under The Executive Director of the company there are 3 Vice Directors representing the different business lines of the company and the separate exclusive right Inspection and Safety Division. Technical business line Vice Director manages 5 departments and subdivisions and 5 area concentrated Distribution centers. Supply and sales business line Vice Directors responsibility covers daily operations of 2 divisions, metering laboratory and 9 customer service centers, while to the Cooperate service line Vice Director underlined 7 departments and subdivisions. In carrying out its performance to provide customers with electricity and its services UBEDN SOJSC is considering long term visible and flexible strategies focused on fast growing demand and development trends of Mongolia and accelerating the Company’s growth on professional -qualified performance at all stages of operation.