Our future

Vision and strategy

Our vision is to build a capability to deliver efficient service to our customers meeting their needs and demand while considering future global trends of energy technology development as well as population growth in Mongolia and its economic growth.

Human Resources Policy

UBEDN has more than 1700 employees, 47.1% of whom are young people aged from 19 to 35, and 67% are male due to specific nature of their profession. Our objective is to train the next generation of skilled workforce in a continuous fashion in order to fulfill growing demand for energy in a rapidly changing business environment. We assist our employees in their endeavor to develop and improve their professional skills. We place great importance on training programs designed to develop their work ethics and inspire them to work with pride and live a better life. As a contribution to the development of our country and its energy sector, we have been delivering a training program for electricians since 2010. The program is conducted by consulting and certified engineers of Mongolia and qualified engineers with years of experience working across the energy sector. 30% of the graduates end up getting employed by our company. Some graduates have been working successfully in reputable companies such as Oyu Tolgoi, Energy International and Tavan Tolgoi