Technology Improvement Solutions

Technology Improvement Solutions

The Company has strengthen the follow up of its portfolio of projects the way it reacts to reduce the loss and to secure profitability.

We proud to list some of the activities carried out in partnership with local partners and our employees:

12 substations at 35 kV, 18 switching stations at 10 kV, 215,7 km long power cables at 6 and 10 kV, 175,6 km long overhead line at 10 kV, 688,1 km long overhead line at 0.4 KV were commissioned at 713 locations in 2009-2014.

Maintenance-free technology introduction project initially launched. Over 20 substations procured from UESA GmbH under the project.

A project replacing electro-mechanical and impulse type meters with electronic and smart meters has been implemented in several phases. So far, 57 % of our customers have been provided with electronic and smart meters.

Our service through the company service web site more close now to our customers as to get information, to register as becoming a customer, send the meters indication, receive the invoice and pay the bill and etc. in easily and quick way

We have entered a unique management system on managing workforce, performance and quality of services on distribution network maintenance, repair and construction prompt services.

Nowadays we aiming to complete the installation and acceptance of Distribution control and management SCADA based system and system information and planning “Titem” system as well.